Luxury Hotel in Krakow

The Ostaszewskis Palace was built in 1895. The palace-like building is a valuable relic of late 19th-century architecture. In architectural and artistic terms - in the interiors rich polychromy plafonds and architectural details and equipment.

The palace is yet another valuable example of the work of the well-known architect, Joseph Pokutyński. Written as a cultural asset in the register of monuments. Brick plastered, built on vaulted cellars, storied. Corner complex on irregular projection, with wing from ul. Rhetoric. Entrance in the extreme left axis. Layout of double decker rooms with corridor. Facade from ul. Pitsudski four-axis, from ul. Rhetoric - six-axial, semi-circularly curved corner. The ground floor of the building on a high plinth, covered with a strip of neo-rustic, riveted in the corner of the corner. Entrance in a chamfered band, closed semicircle, embossed on the sides in rustic pilasters. Windows ground in rectangular frames with key motifs.

The ground floor is enclosed with a profiled cordon cornice, and a modest cornice at the level of the windows of the storey. A double storey floor divided by Ionic pilasters, in the corner of the corner a pair of stone semi-circular Ionic. Window openings of the floor in profiled earrings, lintel motifs and stylized trifles, topped with striped socks. In the corner axis, a balcony supported on stone consoles with balustrade balustrade. The whole enclosed by beams, with a cornice lined with ankle motifs. Over the cornice crowning the balustrade attic, composed of balustrades distributed on the axes of articulation marble post. In the entrance of the double-leaf gate with a superimposed radial pattern.

Guests of our city would like to invite you to the 4-star Ostoya Palace hotel located in the center of Krakow.
We assure you will be delighted by the beauty of the restored interiors, unique atmosphere, discreet service and elegance. Palace interiors combined with competent service will be a refuge during your stay in our city.
Let us make your stay in Poland a unique experience.


At your disposal are 23 rooms in the versions

Catering and conference facilities

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Breakfasts are served as a buffet and hot dishes on request. We invite you every day from 07:00 to 10:00.


Kuranty Pub is located in the historic Ostaszewskis Palace. The entrance is a corner of the building at the junction of Piłsudski and Retoryk streets.


The hotel has 2 air-conditioned conference rooms. For the best possible service, we organize lunch, coffee break, lunch and dinner for you.

Let's make your stay in Krakow a unique experience.